Passenger O2 Academy Glasgow

Mike Rosenberg (aka Passenger) rescheduled his cancelled date from December to grace us with his presence at the O2 Academy seven months after he was due to perform and rocked up to the 2,500 capacity venue to a sell-out gig. The modern troubadour has just wrapped up his ‘Young as the morning, Old as the Sea’ tour and what a tour it has been!


For anyone who isn’t well versed in Passenger’s music, he had a single called ‘Let her Go’ which went to Number 2 in the UK Top 40 Charts back in 2013. However, his talent has been bubbling since and he has still continued to busk and tour the world. ‘Young as the morning, Old as the Sea’ is Passenger’s seventh album and has been his first to achieve Number 1 in the UK.

This was my second time seeing Passenger, having previously seen him at the Usher Hall in December on the same tour and was blown away at the raw talent he possessed both times. Despite seeing him twice in a handful of months, I was lucky enough to hear a modified set to the one I saw previous. I got to hear additional songs: ‘Whispers’, ‘Feather on the Clyde’, ‘Riding to New York’  and ‘Fast Car (Tracy Chapman cover)’ to name but a few, keeping the gig fresh for those who have perhaps seen him at earlier venues like myself.


Honestly reader, I don’t think he was as emotionally invested in the gig compared to his appearance in Edinburgh. He seemed, along with a fair proportion of the crowd, disgruntled at a collection of individuals at the bar talking and not being quiet when he was trying to connect with the audience and share stories of his years of busking. However in true Passenger style, Mike got his own back in his song ‘I Hate’

“I hate ignorant folks, who pay money to see gigs
And talk through every fucking song”

This naturally caused an eruption of laughter and cheering from the engaged members of the audience.

Overall this didn’t dampen the night’s spirits. He was still flawless vocally and got us all dancing and singing at the top of our voices (see what I did there?). A personal highlight for me was ’27’ at both shows as it is one of my favourite tracks and is such a feel good tune.

The fans were in high spirits and a nice mix of demographic; families and couples of varying ages (I was stood next to a family of 4 and a couple roughly in their 50s) which led to a safe environment for me keeping my space when I needed to head to the bar for another drink or go to the loo.


So to conclude, I recommend you checking out his albums if you haven’t already and if he tours again, pick yourselves up a ticket! You will be in for a treat!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

(4/5 for Glasgow and 5/5 for Edinburgh)


AJ x

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