An Afternoon stroll along the Berlin Wall

After a morning exploring the wonders of Mitte, I took the bus to the East Side Gallery. Before I travelled to Berlin, I was so excited to visit this segment of the Berlin Wall, and it did not disappoint.


I got off the bus at Ostbahnhof  and it was just a few minutes walk away. The 1316m piece of the wall displays 105 paintings. It is perhaps the longest-lasting and largest open air gallery in the world, having been founded in 1990.


The Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 and divided the city into two sections for nearly 30 years. I visited Tränenpalast and Checkpoint Charlie on my final day in Berlin so I will share more in my third and final blog post.


Sadly, a sizeable amount of the wall has been vandalised and eroded but it does not take away from the messages of love and peace they are trying to convey and restoration is always ongoing. It is such a vibrant exhibition and costs absolutely nothing to experience this man made wonder of the world.

Below are three of my favourite paintings from the gallery.

Famous Wal

Luckily managing to beat most of the rain on my first day, I was particularly relived I did as much walking as I did (approx. 8 miles) as when I opened my curtains on Day 2, it was heavy rain. I can’t wait to share my final instalment of my trip with you soon!


AJ x

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