A Day Trip to Broughty Ferry

Broughty Ferry has always been the epitome of a Dundonian summer for me. Walking along the beach, paddling in the icy River Tay and (not so) patiently waiting in the queue at Visocchi’s for an ice cream. Visiting this small seaside town was definitely a trip down memory lane. Sadly the weather wasn’t on my side but the charm of Broughty Ferry was definitely still upheld.

My visit started with a slalom through boutique gift shops before ducking into to Forgan’s to finally hide from the drizzle. The rustic interior was buzzing with soft music and the murmur of customers enjoying their exquisite food. It’s ambience is that of a warm gathering. I love in particular their map of outside the bathroom where visitors can plot the day they visited and where they are from! There is also a map of Scotland if your map pin is closer to home.


To finish off my afternoon, I visited Broughty Ferry Castle, the 14th Century fortress stands elegantly on the harbour. The four floors connected by a small stone spiral staircase are packed with history of the region, notably priding itself on its military and nautical legacy.


I love the timeline stating what is going on in the world and Scotland as well as local events, giving visitors a clear understanding of where Broughty Ferry and its castle stand through the events of time.


The small art gallery on the second floor is full of beautiful paintings from local and Scottish artists depicting seascapes from all over Scotland and portraits, with window seats throughout the floor to take in the view of the harbour and coastline.

The view point on the top floor looks down onto the beach up the Angus coast, sadly the weather was not to my advantage so the view was limited. I’d love to go back when the sun is shining!

It is clear that this free museum has been maintained and had artefacts donated to it with a great deal of love and pride for the local area. Notably the photographs of nurses and soldiers from the area who assisted in wars, including the Boer and World Wars.

Have you visited Broughty Ferry? Let me know your thoughts.
AJ x

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