My Brownie Sash

The benefits of living back in my family home is uncovering pieces of my childhood I had forgotten about. One of which I found in my parent’s garage, my Brownie Sash.

Looking back through photos of me in my yellow jumper and culottes make me cringe at the pride I would feel wearing such a tragically unfashionable outfit. None the less, my memories of my time at Brownies are happy, particularly trips out to museums, theatre evenings and the highly anticipated Brownie Camp.


A segment of my childhood was spent in the seaside town of Porthcawl, South Wales and I was part of the 3rd Newton Brownie Troop. Originally a Rainbow, when my 7th Birthday came around, I was incredibly excited to ‘jump’ over the rainbow to start my journey with the Brownies. I was part of the ‘Gnome’ patrol.

Subs was always a fun part of Brownies, unfurling the paper in your pocket with all the types of cars, chocolate bars or Countries beginning with a vowel, seeing which one between you and your friends had the most.

Collecting badges was also great fun during my time with the Brownies. There was nothing more satisfying than bringing one home and letting your Mother patiently watch you sew it on.

The badges I earnt included Craft, Dancer, Musician, Music Lover, Collector (which I’m sure I earnt for my then growing collection of Beanie Babies), House Orderly, Hostess, Pack Holiday, Jester and Safety at Home.


Gorwelion Brownie Camp was definitely the highlight of the year, in which we got to stay in bunk beds with our fellow Brownies (I am an only child so sharing a room with someone was a great novelty). Campfires, games and songs were always on the itenerary.


Sadly I never finished my time at 3rd Newton Brownies due to moving away and starting boarding school, thus couldn’t finish my Girl Guiding journey but I have picked up a solid foundation on teamwork and developing skills that I would use for later life. It is something that I would love my future daughter to do.

What Brownie Badges did you earn?

AJ x

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