Hygge, Nyhavn & Streetfood!

Day two of my Copenhagen adventures did not have the weather on my side. I had a lazy morning before I headed back into the city. I headed over the Christiana for a spot of lunch at Papirøen’s food market. Sadly this place is closing down at the end of the year and has an array of wonders to behold. I arrived just as the stalls were opening, the smells were incredible and instantly made us both hungry. I opted for the Korean Fried chicken. I have never had fried chicken that fresh! The communal seating area, alight with candles gave this place a truly Danish feel.

Copenhagen’s Food Market

Having filled my stomach, I headed to The Copenhagen Contemporary to see Yoko Ono’s wish tree. This beautiful installation is only available until December and has been scattered over various cities in the world. Grab a wish tag and write your wish and tie it to the tree. The wishes are regularly collected and will be sent to Yoko Ono when the installations end. They will be turned into an art installation at the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland.

Make a wish at the wishing tree!

My final stop on our rainy Saturday adventure was Nyhavn. This 17th Century waterfront is full of beautiful coloured townhouses, bars and cafes. As a main canal, it was notorious with sailors, merriment and prostitution. Hans Christian Andersen also lived here for some 18 years. Now it is a delight for the general public and the perfect photo opportunity  on Copenhagen adventures.


Copenhagen truly captures the meaning of Hygge. You cannot help feel the ‘togetherness’ of this city and the cozy, content and welcoming vibe of this small city. There were so many other sights we saw in passing on our 48hour visit to this former Viking fishing village. Pick up a bike or hit the city on foot. Eat, drink and explore the happiest city in the world.

AJ x

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