Nerina Pallot Òran Mór

The Òran Mór is definitely no stranger to Nerina Pallot. Returning as part of her tour for her new album Stay Lucky, her familiar face was greeted by many returning fans to hear her perform.

The warm up act Million Miles was a cool blend of Alicia Keys meets Norah Jones. Her warm and soulful tone made her compelling lyrics come alive and set the perfect tone of the evening. A personal highlight was her song ‘Ice Cream and Cigarettes’

Nerina did not leave her fans waiting long after Million Miles and was greeted with cheers and applause as she came on stage in a dusty pink dress. Her long hair floating around her shoulders made her look somewhat ethereal as she floated between piano and guitar for each song.

Her engagement with the audience was laced with humour throughout. After performing her first few songs, her first interaction with the audience was ‘So… is there anything good on the telly tonight?’ which was met with chuckles.

In a packed set lasting just over two hours, she performed her entire new album along with some old favourites from her discography. Personal highlights were ‘Bring him Fire’ and ‘Idaho’.

A predominately silent but engaged audience were encouraged to sing the final song of the night ‘Sophia’ and was met with a contented soft sing-a-long of the choruses, in no way outshining the artist.

A cozy, intimate and flawless gig.

Rating 4/5

(Photography done by Fostergraph)

AJ x

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