The Nutcracker

Going to see a ballet has become a winter staple for me as festivities approach. The Nutcracker is a classic and with music that is so iconic, it was a must see!

The Russian State Ballet has established itself as one of Russia’s leading ballet companies and first visit to Dundee was met with high excitement. This was to the extent where little girls were dressed up as ballerinas, the sense of an enjoyable family gathering was evident.

Their performance upheld their international reputation of of outstanding quality and unusual depth. Both the soloists and the corps de ballet have been highly praised by critics throughout the tour. The soloists demonstrated grace, strength and power as they leapt across the stage. The attention to detail with the choreography was great where the dancers were jumping and being lifted to the exact same height. Their serene faces made the whole production look effortless.

The portable and simplistic set was elegant and added just the right touch of wintry magic. The costume design was bright an colourful, with the sugar plum fairy’s tutu adorned with sequins and did not disappoint!

Yes there were some tongue-in-cheek stereotypes when it came to Spanish, Arabian, Chinese, Russian Dancers as well as the Danish Shepherdesses but what can you expect from a 125 year old opus?

The orchestra’s support to the dancers was met by rapturous applause. Their expressive tone made sure the audience heard the famous themes with clarity and authenticity at which Tchaikovsky intended.

Having seen numerous ballets, this truly captured the magic of Christmas without feeling like you were celebrating too early!

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