Bratislava: An Afternoon exploring the Old Town of one of the world’s Newest Capital Cities

Bratislava was the final stop on my Danube adventures and was a pocket sized delight of old & new. Before becoming a world capital in only 1993 after the breakup of Czechoslovakia, it was a cultural hub of the Hungarian Empire.

I arrived back from Vienna in the early morning and managed to get some more sleep in our hotel before checkout. After a coffee, I ventured out to the main square where I was greeted by Čumil, the communist sewer worker. Urban legend suggests he is either fed up of work and/or looking up the skirts of female passers by. Thankfully I was wearing jeans on my travels to avoid him getting an unpleasant eyeful! Another interesting statue near by is of Ignac Lamar, a local character from 20th Century who was infamous for wearing a top hat and tails, greeting women in the street by asking to kiss them on the hand and offering them flowers.

Bratislava is dotted with unusual statues

I explored around the streets taking in the pastel buildings and quasi-architecture of Vienna and Budapest dotted around with views of glass skyscrapers. Highlights of the architecture mix include the Church of St. Elizabeth built in 1909 and just a few minutes away is the UFO bridge which is a poignant feature of the construction that occurred during the Communist era. Also for music lovers like me, there are plaques scattered around with iconic composers who made an impact upon Bratislava including Liszt, Mozart and Brahms.

UFO Bridge & St Elizabeth’s Church

As I wandered around the quaint main square before catching my flight, I popped into the Bratislava City Museum, the oldest museum in Slovakia. It has a little bit of everything to cater for everyone. A viewpoint at the top of the tower, painstakingly restored rooms and countless pristinely preserved artefacts showing the development of the town’s existence. There isn’t a lot to do in Bratislava but it makes a nice addition for anyone’s Danube travels.

Beautifully resorted ceilings in the Bratislava City Museum

Bratislava was a pleasant addition to my trip along the Danube for the afternoon, the whole trip was definitely a whirlwind! I found there wasn’t much to do in Bratislava so perhaps no more than 2 nights are needed if you are just coming here exclusively.

The ease and price of the public transport through my Danube adventures made it manageable and affordable to dot between countries. Each city was incredibly different and made it a memorable experience! Can you think of any other city hopping breaks I can do?

City Centre

AJ x

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